Starting the right way – with prayer….

Not you… me.

I mean I’ve started this blog without as much as a plan – after that speech I gave you about being prepared. Please excuse me while I take this big log out of my eye.

No effort should begin in a spiritual purpose without a spiritual foundation, so…. if you know how to pray and read at the same time, please pray with me.

….Jesus, Lord and sustainer of all life and mine, thank you for the gift of salvation that allows me to call you my Savior. Lord, in your gracious will, You have given me more than that – the gift of sharing Your praise and Your new song with the world. Thank you and may I never compromise the gift You have given with anything approaching lack of respect or honor that is due You and Your praise.

Lord, I begin these thoughts and writings in the hopes that You will bless someone, who like me, was floundering under the weight of supporting a music ministry or choir. You brought me through from a wide eyed classical pianist to where you’ve placed me today. Please let this seed you have led me to sow find good ground in encouraging someone who was frustrated and unsure as I was. Help us as musicians and ministers in Your modern day temples to be consecrated, called and committed to Your service. Give us Asaphs, Cheniniahs, and Davids, that will play skillfully and spiritually to uplift Your everlasting and righteous name. Lord, even bless the house I serve in, and my Pastor, and give me a platform of authenticity and gentleness that would never lift my ability above my attitude of service. Bless the reader now, and all that serve you in spirit and in truth, and may Your praise be perfected on Earth as it is in Heaven until the day of Your return, where we will carry the harps of God and sing the song of the Redeemed to You in everlasting praise and worship choruses of the highest order.

In your precious name, Amen.

Now that we’ve prayed and invoked God’s presence, I will attempt to give a set-up to some of my writings. At least once a week, I’ll try to touch on one of three main topics –

– Spiritual / Biblical Issues
– Musical / Reading Music / Playing, etc.
– Organizational / Working with Pastors / Resources, etc.

Starting with my next post, I’ll look for quick solutions to nagging problems and enlist others that I’ve interfaced with over the years and try to include their advice. Lord knows if I had all the answers, I would not be here because God would have me leading a little band in heaven by now.

Keep Praying and prayzin’,


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