The Protection of the Word Pt. 2

Last post, I spoke about the need for written documentation for the musician and leaders to be on the same page. But the most important words the musician needs to be acquainted with are the words of the Holy Bible. It amazes me that in this day of constant bible teaching and access to all kinds of ministries that knowledge of God’s Word is a rarity among musicians. In the past, we didn’t have access to information about God’s opinion of music and musicians. Oftentimes it was taken for granted that musicians had to play because that’s what musicians do – when they weren’t playing on secular gigs. But now we can learn how important music was, and is, in the current worship settings of today’s churches based on biblical principles. However, the Word is no good if you don’t know it.

To make this practical, let’s look at how the Word gives musicians a place in the ministry.

From Genesis to Revelation, music takes a central place as a medium for worship. From 1 Chronicles 15:16, where David instituted the selection of musicians to work as and alongisde the priests in the temple; to the Psalms, which were originally set to music and contain hundreds of references to playing and singing; to Revelation, where even the redeemed saints are referred to as having the ‘harps of God’. (Rev.15:2) You can’t let people in the church downplay your role when you know that God has ordained a place for you in the worship of the ages. Knowing that you have a biblical role in the church can hold you up when respect, recognition, or reward is lacking.

Not only does the Word protect you from those that would claim you have no real value, it can protect you from your own destructive habits and issues that can keep you from becoming less than an anointed instrument. There really is no substitute for time in daily devotions for the Minister of Music or the musician. The devil himself was cast out of heaven because his gift went to his head. As musicians we are constantly in a battle between our desire to play skillfully and the need to let God alone be glorified. The only way to manage that desire is to have a keen sense of the Word, such as when Paul talks about his strengths and weaknesses in Phillipians 3. He has the credentials to boast, but yet he counts it loss for the knowledge of Christ. In the same way, God uses your talent to bless others, but you must give up the glory of the talent in order to know Christ fully. Without a daily dose of the Word, we become the very thing that Satan became- an instrument of discord and disobedience. Only the Word sustains us and maintains us in a world where the worship of gifts can overcome the worship of the Giver.

A couple of books that are great resources in this matter of the Word:
The Rebirth of Music by Lamar Boschmann, and Judah Nation by Clint Brown.

Until next time, b blessed


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