New Look, New Church, New Post!

Nothing like a change of scenery to get the creative juices flowing!

Well, much has changed since I last wrote in this space. At the time of my last post, I was led to resign from my position as Minister of Music at my previous church, became a lead keyboardist at my current church, and later transferred my membership along with my family. It has been a challenging and revealing season of my life. In it all, I must say God has had a purpose and I am trying to learn all He wants me to learn from this experience.

As my music ministry blog, this has sat on the shelf long enough. I’ve not yet chronicled my experiences in our team at our church, (which I will name later after making sure I have clearance with our worship pastor), but just finding this cool theme is enough to make me want to start up again.  I’d like to connect with other worship musicians, especially those like me who have made a transition and are dealing with the new realities of their assignment.  Look for Sunday Re-caps, information on worship materials I’ve read or have come in contact with, reflections, creative inspirations, and hopefully much more.  Until later, God bless and always your heart to Him before you give your song.


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