Time Out!

NOTE: this post was originally written a few years back, but I felt it deserved a repost. I definitely did not get to sleep late this Sunday.

When Jesus heard about John, he left in a boat and went to a place where he could be alone.

– Matthew 14:13 (God’s Word Version)

For the first time in almost 11 years, I slept past 7:30 AM on Sunday.sleeping-670736_1280

No, I didn’t miss service. And yes, I did go to church – but at 4 PM after driving back to an afternoon service from Orlando from my vacation. Yes, even though I missed only one rehearsal, one engagement, one funeral, and two services, I consider that more a vacation than if I had taken a week off. Why? Because I made the determination that my family needed my time, and I needed a day where I reconnected. My early morning devotions were re-started, and I felt better playing.

Jesus showed time and time again that the secret to his power was His time alone with His father. Like our Savior, we also have to realize that when we spend all our time in ministry, we actually cheat ourselves and our ministries of the entirety of the presence and power of God.

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