Stuck: What to do when you feel uninspired

Guitar_Shadow_by_Rivai_IONIt’s one of the worst feelings a musician can experience – the feeling of being ‘stuck’.

Your music feels empty and repetitive.

You can’t ‘let loose’ and express yourself the way you want.

You feel that your career is going nowhere.

This can cause you to look outward for the source of the problem.

You may blame your church for not making use of all your gifts.

You may blame the industry for not recognizing and rewarding your talent.

But blame is toxic to artistry. To re-ignite inspiration, you must look upward and inward.

Proverbs 18:16 – “A man’s gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men” –  is often quoted by artists that desire God’s blessing on their careers. Many artists believe that ‘gift’ is synonymous with talent, which then somehow requires God to give talented artists a wider platform.

However, that verse is actually referring to a “liberal, giving person.” In other words, the ‘room’ is not dependent on the level of talent, but on the artist’s willingness to give.

In order for your gift to make room, you have to make room for giving.

This isn’t about giving financially. It’s about giving more of yourself.

To get unstuck, turn your attention to blessing God and blessing others.  Be thankful for every listener who gives up their time to experience your talent.

A grateful artist is an inspired artist.

A hardened heart repels creativity. We artists must stay open to the world around us. Maintaining a giving attitude is the antidote to that closed-in feeling that crushes inspiration.

Don’t stay stuck in frustration. Replace frustration with an openness to give, and watch creativity and joy flow back into your art.

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