Don’t forget to remember

Memorization is a big deal in music.

We musicians have to remember songs, words, chords, phrases, and more. Our careers depend on our ability to remember and retain important information.2976451403_4114290bb4_z

However, the ability to remember things doesn’t mean we always remember the right things. We can get busy and forget things that make a big difference.

As I write, people all over the United States are pausing to remember soldiers that sacrificed their lives for the cause of freedom. Nothing can compare to that ultimate sacrifice. However, in a smaller sense, there are also those living among us that deserve to be remembered. People that put our dreams before their own.

Spouses and children give up precious time with us so we can perform.

Parents invested in music lessons and poured their encouragement into us as young musicians.

Teachers and mentors provide support and information to improve our skills.

Friends and supporters give up time and resources to make it possible for us to make music for a living.

Our heroes died so that we could be free.

Our loved ones rearrange their lives so that we can free to create.

Just as we can not forget our fallen heroes, let us never forget to show appreciation to those that make our chosen profession possible. Their sacrifice is the heartbeat of our success.

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