The Chief Thief: How the enemy steals from the artist

LAST night a thief came to me 3C7ZKI3QES
And struck at me with something dark.
I cried, but no one could hear me,
I lay dumb and stark.

When I awoke this morning 
I could find no trace;
Perhaps ’twas a dream of warning,
For I’ve lost my peace.

Lawrence, D. H. “Thief in the Night” New Poems. London: Martin Secker, 1919

Many theologians believe that the devil was once the chief worship leader of the angels. Scripture implies that he had creative gifts and musical ability. However, he let pride get the best of him.

Like any good director would, God fired him.

Ever since then, the enemy has been messing with God’s family. Jesus explains Satan’s job description in the first line of John 10:10 (NIV).

“The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.”

He once was a chief. Now he is a thief.

He specializes in stealing from the ones that hold the same jobs he once had; artists, musicians, creatives.

He steals your inspiration by saying your passion is pointless, your art isn’t appreciated, and your music will never make an impact.

He steals your influence by enticing you to throw away your reputation, by pushing you to behave recklessly rather than responsibly.

He steals your entrepreneurial spirit by telling you that artists are bad with money, and that you’ll never be financially stable.

The words may be spoken by other people. But the thief is writing the script.

Don’t listen.

At the end of verse 10, Jesus gives his own job description. “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

He comes to give abundant life to the artist. He wants you fully engaged, using the creative ability He gave to you. Not barren. Not lost. Not lacking in joy and inspiration.

The enemy is a jealous ex-employee whispering in your ear. Ignore himThe real Chief Creator is looking forward to your next creation.

Make him proud.

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    • I’m so glad it helped you! I was similarly inspired by your latest post. Beautifully stated and authentic. Glad to connect with you and looking forward to reading more!