Why God and Gigs is all about you

For the last six months, the posts on this blog have focused on issues of faith, career, and relationships common to musicians.

Not this one.

This post will focus on you.
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By reading and sharing these posts, you’ve already made an impact. You’ve commented, critiqued and cheered us on. And it’s much appreciated.

But there are many more musicians and artists that need resources to help them through the highs and lows of their career.

That’s why I”m launching a drive to publish a book. In this day of 140 character tweets and ever shifting opinions, writing a book requires thoughtfulness, consideration, and the understanding that these words, when they are in print, can’t be deleted with the tap of a keyboard. It represents a carefully constructed foundation.

Many other ideas and projects will rise from this foundation. Videos. Bible studies. Small groups of musicians connecting and encouraging each other around the country. But before all that, we need a defining statement. One that represents the collective effort of a lot of amazing creative people.

It’s my prayer that through this effort, Christian musicians will be better equipped to serve their families, their fellow artists, and the Kingdom.

Yes, money is needed to complete the project. But the money’s only purpose is to spread the message. The message that some Christian musician who is drowning in a sea of confusion and criticism needs desperately to hear.

What is the message of this book? It is this:

You are valuable. You are loved by God and created to create. You can do this.

That is what God and Gigs is all about. You.

My one request of you?  Please share this link,  godandgigsbook.com,  with all your friends, whether they’re in the music industry or the music ministry.

Thanks again for your support.

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