Why your dream is more valuable than you think

Thinking of a series of dreams
Where the time and the tempo fly
And there’s no exit in any direction
‘Cept the one that you can’t see with your eyes.
– Bob Dylan

No dream becomes real without someone paying for it. John Maxwell, “Put Your Dream to the Test”

“It’s just not worth it.” 

We often use these five words to explain why we must give up on a project, idea, or plan. It happens at the moment when we must determine if taking a certain action is worth the risk.

Perhaps it’s a purchase or investment that will take additional funds. A relationship that will require extra time or effort. A job or career move that will demand a great sacrifice.

Musicians and creatives are constantly faced with these choices. We dream of success musically and financially, but being an artist demands daily decisions about what and how much we will risk. While we are well-acquainted with sacrifices of time and energy, sometimes we allow our lack of resources to determine how far we take our creativity.


What are our creative dreams actually worth? Can a dream be reduced to a dollar amount?  Can the cost be too high? To answer this question, we can look at artists that have made similar sacrifices.

How valuable was the piano that Beethoven composed on?

Was the trumpet that Miles Davis purchased a little too costly?

Did Eric Clapton possibly overspend on his guitar choices?

Of course, we all must make wise financial decisions. But we can’t put a dollar value on our dreams.

In the Bible, Joseph’s dream didn’t just cost him money. It cost him his family and freedom. But eventually it saved the lives of hundreds of thousands, including the same family that he once lost.

In the same way, your creative dream really isn’t about you. If it is God-given, your dream is designed to bless someone else. How can you put a price on a person?

“But the seed planted in the good earth represents those who hear the Word, embrace it, and produce a harvest beyond their wildest dreams.” – Mark 4:20 (The Message)

Invest, plant, and devote resources toward your dreams with confidence. There may be another artist somewhere that will follow your dream as they fulfill their own.

Fulfilling destiny is always worth it.


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