What? Where? When? How planning ahead improves your performance

Musicians have a lot to think about.

We have to remember melodies, harmonies, and arrangements; setlists and transitions; lyrics and cues. In every performance, a musician spends a lot of time thinking and reacting.

It stands to reason then, that we should avoid adding things to that list, such as where the gig is, when to show up, and what to wear.

Most of the basic details of a performance should be confirmed long before the gig happens. However, some musicians tend to overlook basic details about performance requirements. When we do that, it can turn any gig into a potential disaster. Rather than focusing on the music, we become distracted and preoccupied with issues such as parking, setting up, and other organizational details. Our performances may then suffer from lack of focus due to additional stress. 

Arriving thirty minutes early, checking and double checking equipment bags, confirming parking and travel times, etc., aren’t just steps to staying organized. These habits make you a better performer. The less you have to think about those details, the more you can think about your actual playing. 

Handling the business aspects of a performance requires advance preparation. But it is well worth the time.

Plan better, sound better.

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