Sweet Sounds: Why we need music just for fun

Imagine you are at a wedding reception. All the guests are celebrating the happy couple. The time comes to present the couple with the traditional wedding cake, which is hidden behind a curtain. The veil drops to reveal…a salad bar.

Healthier? Perhaps. But surely most couples don’t look forward to jointly cutting a tomato.

While we certainly should try to eat healthy, sometimes the most appropriate dish is something sweet. No one would assert that we should eat wedding cake everyday. But when everyone is ready to celebrate the new couple, we expect a slice of cake to accompany the meal.

The same principle can be applied to our music.

Artists of faith might assume that the best use of our gifts is to create music of deep substance – music that is full of mental and spiritual nutrition.

That’s true, and we need more of it. But we shouldn’t dismiss those artists that are really good at making sweet treats. Maybe your only goal is to create good feelings and fill dance floors. That’s OK.

Music designed for simple enjoyment is just as necessary as the kind that promotes spiritual health. While we can’t live on desserts alone, we can certainly appreciate the skill and craft it takes to make a really good musical treat.

If you are drawn to crafting musical confections, don’t allow yourself to think that you are less valuable than artists that choose to focus on more serious topics. Jesus didn’t turn water into healthy green smoothies. He turned it into the best wine of the evening. His moral standards didn’t change with the environment. He simply brought his creative excellence into the environment.

Whatever you are creating, do it with joy, excellence and purpose –  whether it’s for praise or for the party.

A little sweetness can make a world of difference.

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