The Purpose behind the Performance: Why your art isn’t about you

An artist's true calling is to impact the world and influence others

“…though the Witch knew the Deep Magic, there is a magic deeper still which she did not know.” – C.S. Lewis; “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe”

Ask an artist why she loves to create and perform, and you’ll hear some obvious answers.

“I’m really good at it.” “It makes me feel alive.” “It’s what I’m born to do.”

All of these answers are worthy reasons to be an artist. If you’re reading this, you’re probably feeling the same way about your chosen profession. You gain fulfillment as pursue your art, your music or your craft to its highest capacity.

There’s nothing wrong with creating to make ourselves feel good. However, the purpose behind performance reaches beyond ourselves. There’s something more beyond the joy we receive in creating.

Think of yourself as a mail carrier, and your creativity is a gift you are supposed to deliver. If you keep it, is it still a gift? If so, it’s in the wrong hands.

A gift only becomes a gift when it is delivered to the person it’s meant for.

In the same way, behind every creative act is the act of serving the people the creation is designed to reach.

Deeper than the desire to make something new is the desire to make someone new. Every time you share your art, you are changing someone’s view of the world. That gift is something you can’t really quantify or express. It’s the deeper part of the magic.

Of course, some people only see their creativity as a means to gain attention, to become famous, to get rich. Once again, none of these motivations are necessarily bad. But without the perspective of giving, these desires can become distractions from the gift itself. Fame and finances are the wrapping paper. It’s pretty, but what’s inside is the whole point of the gift.  What’s inside you is more important that what’s around you.

So, continue to find joy in your art, but don’t forget the deeper meaning behind your performance. You may never know the total effect that your creativity has on the world.

Which is why you must keep sharing it.

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