The only two types of people that exist

We all have something in common, but there's one key difference.

How do you define yourself?

I don’t mean your gender, ethnicity or profession. There are various ways to categorize those characteristics, but as a living, breathing human being, there’s one category you can claim without exception.


Yes, that’s stating the obvious for some readers. But some of you don’t consider yourself artists because your career doesn’t involve the classic definition of art – performing, creating and constructing works of culture.

Let’s try it this way. Can you write a press release artfully? Can you fix a cable box artfully? Can you get a crying child to smile artfully?

So, if we are all artists, what makes us different?

It’s not whether you’re an artist, it’s what kind of artist you are. And there are only two types.

You’re either a fulfilled artist or a frustrated one.

The differences in our work, our attitudes and our emotional responses can be traced to whether the creative part of us is dormant and straining to breathe, or engaged and purposeful. Look at anyone that is doing something artfully, and they’re probably also happy. Ask the richest, most successful person if they are doing new things artfully.  If not, they are likely miserable.

Being fulfilled as an artist doesn’t mean you are wildly successful or well-known. It means that you sense, every day, that your work is becoming more aligned with your purpose and your best self.

If that’s not you, and you’re the second type of person, there’s a quick fix.

See yourself as the first type. Look for opportunities where you can do things artfully. This applies whether you are on a concert stage or in a cubicle.

The artistic quality of your work has nothing to do with your location.

It’s determined by your dedication.


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