What’s holding you back?

Challenges reveal whether we are willing to change

Legendary guitarist Django Reinhardt was a young man, playing folk music with his traveling family in Belgium, when the caravan he was in erupted in flames.

That tragic fire resulted in burns to the left side of his body, including his left hand. Doctors believed he would never play again.

For 18 months, he rehabilitated his hand and reinvented his playing technique. The transformation of his approach not only allowed him to play again, but created an entirely different sound that inspired countless musicians.

The lesson? If something is holding you back, you must be willing to learn a new way to succeed.

The poll question below lists a few things that artists and musicians often name as the challenges that keep them from moving forward. Are you allowing one of these challenges to hold you back?

Once you admit your challenge, decide to face it and move past it. You can do that by attending one of our God and Gigs webinars – to register, go to GodandGigs.com/webinar and enter your email. We’ll send you instructions on how to attend.

(Final results from the poll will be shared at the webinar.)


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