The Perfect Timing of a Promise: Announcing the God and Gigs book

The journey of writing a Christian musician's guide to success in your faith, career and relationships

Sometimes what we think is the right time isn’t God’s time.

I (Allen) say this from experience, having just witnessed an amazing example of God’s perfect timing.

First, the big news. My first book, God and Gigs: Succeed as a musician without sacrificing your faith, will be released on  Tuesday, September 6, 2016 at 12:01am. Here’s why that date is significant.

I first started toying with the idea of a book during my service as a minister of music in my former church in 2007.  I thought I had some ideas to share, but I didn’t take it seriously. Fast forward to 2009, when my life changed radically with my resignation from full-time ministry and my re-introduction to the world of gigs and music for entertainment.

It was this season that revealed the reality facing me and my musical peers – we were committed to Christ, but also committed to making a living playing music outside the church. That reality sometimes created conflict. but there were no resources to help people like us to navigate between those two worlds. The books I found were entirely religious, or entirely about the music industry. Nothing I found ever attempted to address both realities equally.  I began thinking about creating a lasting, practical paradigm that will help any artist / musician in the future to learn from my experience of playing for the church and on the stage. 
Fast forward again, to the day before the time of this writing. During my morning devotion,  I was moved to grab my old journal to see some of the promises I claimed from years ago, which are photographed below. One page has the first entry that I wrote the idea for my book on. The date?

Notes from the first day of writing God and Gigs.

Notes from the first day of writing God and Gigs.

September 5th, 2011.

Many times over the last five years, I’ve questioned myself (and many others have also questioned) why it took me so long to get the book done, and why obstacle after obstacle seem to arise while I wrote it. Why did deadlines always seem to get pushed back, and why was I unable to settle for anything less than a book that met the standard I felt must be reached?

I’ve come to understand that God knew the perfect time to release the promise he placed in me – and in this case, it happened to be exactly five years later. While I questioned why, God had the right timeline in place all along. You many already know that in biblical numerology,  five is the number of grace.

Now I ask you. Is there a promise within you as an artist that you have yet to see fulfilled? Have you felt your faith slipping, watched your career stagnate in the face of criticism or fear, or neglected the relationships that matter most?

If so, this book is for you.

Even if you haven’t struggled, any one that has a creative side of their career can benefit from these pages. The wisdom described in the pages of God and Gigs comes from real artists, living real lives and making real art.

You can learn everything you need to know about ordering God and Gigs here. 

Not only that, we have a special offer for the first 100 students who enroll in our new online training program, God and Gigs U.

If you want to see God’s promises come to pass like I did, don’t wait.

Make the step today to become the success that you were destined to be, while holding fast to the faith that will secure your destiny.

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