The Creative in the Crisis: Why artists need to connect and get centered

In confusing times, creatives need to refresh and renew themselves

“We Shall Overcome.”  “This Land is Your Land.” “Imagine.” “What’s Going On.” “Fight the Power.” “We Are The World.”

These songs, and many others, are part of our history for a reason – they provided a clear message of change at times of social and political struggle in the world.  Singers like Marvin Gaye, John Lennon, Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin were known for taking a stand on social issues through their music.  And while the musical landscape has changed greatly since the seventies and eighties, many would argue that the struggle to overcome our biggest challenges hasn’t.

This begs the question: are you, as a creative professional, empowered to create boldly in this climate of constant change?

Or, are you overwhelmed as you battle these same struggles yourself?

I’m not simply stating that we need more protest songs, nor am I staking out a political stance. I’m more concerned with your ability to weather the storms in your own life.

You see, when culture is constantly in crisis, it affects everyone, but especially artists. We tend to feel things more deeply and become disillusioned more quickly.  We know that hope and peace of mind are available through our music and art, but when times are tough, we can easily get discouraged. As the children of Israel wrote centuries ago, “How can we sing in a strange land?”

This is why musicians and artists need to focus inwardly – even when it seems everything around us is shifting and bending.

With the dual foundations of timeless values and a compelling vision, the faith-focused artist can speak and create with clarity at a time when the noise of confusion is the loudest. People instinctively look for places of refuge and comfort when things look bad. The artist that knows themselves, and knows whose they are, can provide that place.

So here at God and Gigs, we’re creating a place for you, the musician / artist / creative professional.  We’re designing a connection hub and training ground for faith-focused creatives that will help us stand firm in our convictions, stay present in our families and communities, and become better equipped to help lead others to safety in stormy times.

It all starts with connecting with the things that matter most to you. You can find out about our online seminars to help you do that here

Then we move to improving our careers, and finally confirming our calling. That’s what this book is all about. 

Today, in whatever place you find yourself creatively, make a decision to center yourself around the things that matter most. You can’t guide others if you are feeling lost. But when you know you’re called and your vision is confirmed, your creative voice will make an impact and make your world a better place.

That’s something to sing about.

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