3 surprising benefits to being on time

Performers who make punctuality a priority have significant advantages

You set the alarm on your phone. You made sure you had all of your equipment. You mapped out the route on your GPS.

And still, you arrived at the gig with only minutes to spare.

For many musicians, being on time is a real struggle. While the above situation happens to everyone once in a while, a chronic habit of being tardy creates a negative reputation that is very hard to shake.

Rather than focusing on the negative, let’s look at the positive side of the professional characteristic of punctuality.

What does being on time do for a musician? Here are three immediate benefits to being early and prepared.

  1. Focus – When you arrive to your performance in a timely manner, you don’t find yourself stressed over things like parking, setting up, and not being ready for the downbeat of the performance. Instead, as you make being early a habit, you’ll find your performances improve because you are more focused on the music, not on getting to the venue.
  2. Feelings – When you arrive early, you’ll make the rest of your ensemble more comfortable and confident. Being early allows us to have more fun at the gig – you can’t have relaxed moments with your fellow musicians when everyone is worried and wondering when someone will show up.
  3. Finances – Being on time doesn’t just help the ensemble become more successful. Musicians with a good track record of being on time and reliable are often the first to be called for important – and more lucrative – opportunities.  No one wants to take a significant financial risk on a performer that isn’t known for their reliability. By being consistent in this area, you can significantly boost your chances of better earnings as a musician.

By making punctuality a priority, you’ll see benefits that far outweigh the trouble it takes to get out of the house 30 minutes earlier.

To paraphrase the old saying – the early musician gets the good gig.

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