The only resolution you need to make [Setting Goals Series]

Success in the new year isn't based on what you'll do; rather, it's what you won't do

“I don’t make resolutions.”

You might be one of the people who say that. If so, it’s possible that you’ve tried resolutions before and found the process frustrating or discouraging. Or, you feel that waiting until January to attempt new goals is silly, and that you can change your behavior anytime of the year.

We all know most people don’t maintain their resolutions, yet we still often use the new year as an artificial starting date to make necessary changes. However, there is one resolution you should make even if you find the process unappealing.

Here it is:

I will not quit.

Yes, it sounds totally simplistic. Resolutions by their very name imply that you’re not going to give up on them. Yet that’s exactly what most of us do midway through the journey. Usually that’s because whatever goal we have set doesn’t keep us engaged throughout the year. Reaching the goal becomes less and less important as we strive to reach it.

So instead of focusing on what goals to set, make not quitting your ONLY goal.

It doesn’t matter what major change you’ve committed to. If you have found yourself intimidated and discouraged by the deadlines you have set, release yourself from the need to complete that goal in a certain timeline, and simply decide to reject any excuse that would stop you.

This way, the only way to fail in your goal is to stop pursuing the goal. It doesn’t matter whether you actually achieve anything else.


Because if you don’t quit, you will eventually achieve the goal. Without question.

Your one resolution can be the difference between success and failure throughout 2017, as long as you remember this one thing.

So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up. – Galatians 6:9 NLT

(Emphasis mine)


#LetsTalk – What steps are you taking in the new year to follow through on your goals? What’s the key to staying on track? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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2 thoughts on “The only resolution you need to make [Setting Goals Series]

  1. The key for me to stay on track is to work in small increments by setting several smaller goals that work up to the main goal. For instance if my goal was to lose 20 pounds next year I would start by making my first goal to be going to the gym 1 time a week for the the first month and work my way up to 2, 3 times a week until I was going 5 times. I would cut things from my diet in small increments so instead of saying I’m done with sweets I would cut back from a soda at every meal To just one at lunch this week. Then drop it to one at lunch only on workdays the next week and continue til I wasn’t drinking them at all. Humans are creatures of habits and the key is to give yourself time to adjust to new habits.

    • Very well said, Nate. I think many times we forget that incremental change is the most effective. We want everything to change right now. It’s so easy to get frustrated if we don’t break things up into manageable steps. Thanks for reading and sharing!