Share the Love: 5 essential social media tips for musicians

Marketing expert Stefanie Shick shares key strategies to getting noticed

Allen’s Note: The following guest post was written by Stefanie Shick of Bold Red Creative, LLC. She is a Nashville-based Social Media Strategist dedicated to helping musicians and creative entrepreneurs define their message and craft their story so they can stand out boldly online to reach their true fans.  It’s my pleasure to present her advice on making a greater impact in the noisy world of social media. 


As a musician, you spend a lot of time promoting your songs, upcoming shows, and new videos. This is what social media and an email list is great for doing. However, consistently self-promoting can sometimes be irritating to your followers, and probably a little draining for you.
So what do you post in between? Behind-the-scenes stuff is great, but what else can you share when you’re already short on time for social media?

Answer: Other people’s stuff.

There are several different types of content created by others’ that you can share that may be of interest to your followers. It will keep your feed fresh while generously highlighting peers, influencers, and industry leaders. After all, social media is all about being social and building a community, right?

5 Content Curation Ideas for Musicians

1. Retweet, Repost, and Share others’ social media posts (especially by those you hope to build relationships with online)
If you’re on Twitter, create a List of people you hope to connect with so you can monitor more closely what they’re posting and engage with their content. (If you haven’t made one before, go to Settings in Twitter and click on Lists.)
Make sure you are following several Pages on Facebook as your Page, not just your personal profile. Check out this feed from time to time to find interesting, engaging content to share to your followers.
On Instagram, don’t hesitate to repost and tag an amazing photo or video. Scour certain hashtags to find good content.

 2. Share articles of interest to your target fan base.
You may find articles from a variety of sources, such as Facebook, Google, a mobile news app, etc. I recommend saving some favorite blogs to a folder on a site like Feedly so that you can access them all in one place. A Pinterest board is also a great option for collecting random online articles.

3. Post relevant quotes or song lyrics that help illustrate your message and what you represent as an artist.
Tag the author or artist, if possible.

4. Share videos often.
Videos are given preference right now in the newsfeed. Since it’s harder than ever to get organic reach, you’ll want to use what you can to get in front of your audience for free. These videos may be music videos, educational content, comedic material, etc. Just make sure it fits with your brand and it’s something that your ideal fan would “get” and appreciate.

5. Share fan-generated content.
If someone tags you in a post and gives you a shout-out, be sure to share their post. There’s not much more that is powerful on social than someone else giving you some love and social proof. Plus, it’s a great way to show your followers that you’re listening and you appreciate them.
If you need a place to store links, photos, stock photos, quotes, graphics, etc., use Dropbox, Evernote, or Google Drive. They’ll easily be accessible on your mobile device and your laptop.

Being generous with sharing the work of others and giving appropriate credit on your accounts will help grow your community. Social media is most effective when used for building relationships. Promoting other creatives, influencers, and peers will foster this purpose. Share the love, and others might just do the same for you!


For more tips and inspiration, follow Stefanie on Instagram and Twitter at @stefanieshick.

Comment below: Do you feel that social media marketing is an essential part of your artistic career? Tell us why or why not. 


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