3 (wrong) reasons why you don’t need a website

For creative artists, maintaining a unique online presence is not an option

We get it. You’re not a web designer.

Your focus is on your art. You’ve spent countless hours practicing, recording, and performing. The last thing you want to think about is spending some of those hours building a website. After all, if you aren’t a front-line artist, why would you need one?

Here’s 3 common reasons musicians give when explaining why they don’t need a website.

 1. I have a Facebook Page.

Why it’s a myth: While you may have created a music / creative page on Facebook, you don’t actually own that content – Facebook does. Unless you pay for boosted / promoted posts, Facebook tends to depress the visibility of posts that appear commercial in nature. That means less of your friends and audiences are seeing your posts, and you have little control over how your content and announcements are distributed. It’s always best to have your own ‘online real estate’ instead of renting space from Facebook.

   2. I’m not a solo recording artist.

Why it’s a myth: Many backline / gigging musicians assume that only singers and recording artists need to promote themselves. However, when MDs, bands and singers look for musicians, they often ask for a website where they can see your work and get to know you. If you have to give them several different links (Facebook, YouTube, etc) it can diminish their desire to research your material. It’s better to have one place where anyone can find out who you are and what you do.

  3. I don’t have the time / skills required to maintain a website.

Why it’s a myth: Most musicians are understandably unwilling to spend a lot of time working on the details of maintaining a website. Thankfully, there are companies and products available to musicians and creatives to help them quickly and easily create an online presence. Sites like Reverbnation, ArtistECard, and HostBaby can help you create an online profile that you can update easily with new music, videos and news items. And, by purchasing your own domain name (www.YourName.com) you can ensure that your brand belongs to you and isn’t lost if another artists wants to use the name later.

By maintaining your own website, you let people know that you aren’t just a musician – you’re in the music business. Which,  when combined with good music and professional conduct, can do wonders for your reputation and your career.

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