14 ways to tell you might be dating an artist

Being involved with a creative person means being ready for anything

Being in love isn’t easy.

Being in love with someone who has creative passions? That’s definitely not easy.

While all relationships have their challenges,  there’s a particular kind of patience you’ll need if your significant other has an artistic passion or career.  You may have already noticed these unique traits as your relationship has developed. But if you have found yourself confused by your loved one’s behavior, this list may help you pinpoint the true source of your relational challenges.

14 ways to tell that you’re involved with a creative type

  1. She has asked you if you’ve supported her Kickstarter yet.
  2. He has canceled a date because he just had to finish “this one thing” in the studio.
  3. She wants to know how many Instagram followers you have. 
  4. He has never taken you to a restaurant that doesn’t have a kids menu. 
  5. She says she doesn’t want talk about her project, then proceeds to talk about nothing else. 
  6. His social media bio includes the phrases “making moves”, or “my time is coming”.
  7. She has stopped you mid-sentence to scribble something on a napkin or record a voice memo. 
  8. There’s a lot of background noise every time you talk to him on the phone. 
  9. She has shown up wearing mismatched clothes, but it’s okay because she had this great idea while getting dressed. 
  10. He always wants you to give your “honest opinion” on his last project.
  11. She has taken you to every museum / open mic / gallery in the city at least twice.
  12. He has turned your car into a cargo van for equipment. 
  13. She has asked you to hold a camera or a microphone ’cause someone didn’t show up. 
  14. He has a vision board of awards and projects labeled “Someday”. 

If you recognize any of the above behaviors, don’t worry. Simply learn to accept your partner’s love for their art, be supportive, and remind them that they aren’t crazy. You’ll see the same passion that fuels their creativity can also fuel their affection toward you.

It’s not easy, but like a priceless piece of art, true love is worth the work.

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