Artist Spotlight Series: Stef Silva (Part 1)

A singer / songwriter chooses to accept challenges as she pursues her dream

This video marks the beginning of our Artist Spotlight segment. Once a month we’ll feature an artist who will share their real-life story, in hopes of inspiring other artists who are on the same journey. Some will be new to the industry, and some will be veterans, but all of them will have unique perspectives on faith, relationships, and the challenges of being a creative artist.

Our first artist to share her story is Stef Silva, a Miami singer / songwriter with an authentic, personal touch. As a relative newcomer to the mainstream music industry, she has learned to navigate the highs and lows of being a full-time artist, as well as the challenges of family life and parenting.

Here’s an example of her music: 

Her entire story is worth watching and hearing, so we split her interview into two parts. Your comments and feedback are welcome as we ask Stef the question; what does it take to pursue your dreams while dealing with difficult situations?

To learn more about Stef’s music, visit

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