Why creatives can’t be afraid of finances

Our ability to create freely is enhanced when we handle money wisely

Think about the entertainers who made millions of dollars over their careers who ended up broke and bankrupt. It’s a pretty long list. Recently Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch was sold to yet another buyer, as it was originally auctioned off to pay the debts his estate owed. Even the King of Pop was not king when it came to financial burdens.

Money and creativity can be a scary combination. Those of us who enjoy professional careers in the arts can sometimes be intimidated by the business side of things, thinking that it’s better to leave financial issues to those who are more comfortable with it. But that’s not true wisdom.

While God has gifted some people with administrative and financial savvy, he has given us all principles that we can use to maintain more balance in our finances. More importantly, God makes it clear that our finances have a big influence on how we think – which means for artists, how we create.

Think about the stress and worry that fill your mind when there’s a financial burden looming. Are you able to create freely in those times? Or is it a struggle?

Just as Proverbs reminds us that the borrower is the servant of the lender, it’s not a stretch to say that the creative’s abilities are chained by financial stress. This doesn’t mean you can’t create when you have other responsibilities – it means that we should minimize them as much as possible.

To overcome the worries of money, we must first acknowledge that God has given us the ability and the principles we need to overcome them. As creatives, we aren’t bound to a life of poverty and a constant lack of resources. The principles of being frugal, not getting into debt, and investing God’s resources wisely into our creative businesses aren’t just good ideas – they are God’s way of freeing us to be the creators he designed us to be.

Comment below: Why do you think creative artists often struggle to handle their finances effectively? 

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2 thoughts on “Why creatives can’t be afraid of finances

  1. “Don’t mix business with pleasure” is often used. I blogged on mixing passion with money- something goes wrong for me when I mix a passion with a profession – it’s happened twice before and I don’t want it to happen with my new passion: singing of God’s amazing works. I don’t know what the answer is!

    • That’s definitely a tricky balancing act. I want to continue making a living doing what I love, but it can be a struggle. I totally understand why you might worry about ‘diluting’ your love of singing. I’m confident that with careful planning and prayer, you can find the right balance! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!