Choose to Celebrate: Avoiding burnout during busy seasons

Holidays and special events can bring out the best - or the worst - in artists

It’s a party for many, but for others, it’s anything but.

Those that work in creative disciplines are often the busiest during times of celebration. While others are enjoying each other’s company and reveling in recreation, musicians, designers and artists are often hard at work making sure the celebration goes smoothly.

This means, if we aren’t careful, a time of celebration can turn into a sense of obligation.

Instead of being like the prodigal son rejoicing in the mansion with his father, creatives can become the bitter eldest son in the field, who felt neglected and unappreciated while others were in party mode.

You’ve heard the cliché that when we are doing what we love, we’re not really working. But there’s a catch. When we get caught up in our projects and events, even doing what we love can feel like a duty instead of a privilege.

Martha, the sister of Mary and Lazurus, once experienced this feeling when she was hosting Jesus and his disciples. Martha was a willing servant by any measure; someone called to be a help to Jesus’ ministry. Yet, in the midst of doing what she was good at, she felt unappreciated and unfulfilled. Her method of blessing others became a burden.

You may know what Jesus’ response was when Martha requests her sister Mary’s assistance, who was sitting at the feet of Jesus and hanging on his every word. Jesus lovingly corrects Martha and lets her know that Mary has made a better choice of prioritizing attention on the Savior rather than on her service.

Note that Jesus doesn’t condemn Martha’s work ethic. He simply points out that without balance, work becomes a burden even when you are working within your gifting.

Make sure that as you work and serve others with your talent, that you never forget the importance of connecting with the One you are serving. God promises to sustain you when you wait on him and stay focused on him, not only as you work for others.

You’re not only a servant. You’re the child of a Father who values you more than anything.

And you’re invited to the party.

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