Seeds of Success: Why creatives must keep cultivating ideas

A personal reminder to artists to stay positive when things aren't growing fast

People who have a talent for growing plants are said to have a ‘green thumb’. If so, my thumbs are the total opposite of green, whatever that is.

Anything I try to grow is doomed to a early demise. I remember with embarrassment when we bought Chia pets for our children, and even those tiny ceramic heads, which only require a little sprinkle of water and sunlight, failed to produce any greenery for our kitchen.

Clearly God was gracious in not making me a farmer.

This is why I’m amazed when I look at at the fresh fruits and vegetables in the produce section of grocery stores. The process of cultivating seeds to maturity,  harvesting the crops, and eventually getting that produce to my plate takes a lot more work than I’ll ever comprehend.
As creatives, we cultivate seeds as well, but in a different form. Our ideas, creative impulses, and visions are much bigger than the Chia pet variety. These seeds have the potential to give millions of people inspiration, encouragement and happiness. But if we see ourselves as ‘brown thumb’ creatives, we’ll never hang on until the harvest comes.

You may have had brown thumb thoughts as you’ve endured seasons where your creative seeds seem dormant. You may have become discouraged, decided that your ideas will never grow, and let the weeds of doubt overtake your artistic field.

Don’t let those negative ideas choke the life out of your creativity.

Keep planting. Keep watering. Keep putting your dreams in the sunlight where they have a chance to flourish.  It’s the only way to see your way to creative success.

You never know which seed will be the one that will feed a generation.

Share your thoughts: How do you avoid getting discouraged when your creative projects seem to be going nowhere? Share your comments below. 

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