Is being ‘gifted’ enough?

Creative artists sometimes must remind themselves of their true worth

There’s something about a gift that makes everyone happy.

Whether it’s a for birthday, a holiday, or just because, there’s nothing quite like the moment that someone is presented with a gift. Even the people who know what’s inside the present watch with eager anticipation, waiting to see the gift revealed and the reaction of the recipient.  Something about the process of opening a present makes us want to be a part of it.

As a creative, you’re probably accustomed to people referring to you as ‘gifted.’   Your gift was given to you by your Creator, and you’ve likely spent your life unwrapping it and sharing it with others.  What happens when people are more interested in the gift than the person that is doing the giving? 

When people seem to focus only on our talents, we can become jaded, overly sensitive, or worse, addicted to approval. We could equate it to the child that rips open the package to get to the gift, and discards the package without a thought. If artists are merely packages that contain the gift, we don’t have much to offer than just a container for people to discard once they have experienced our talent.

However, God never emphasizes the gift- he always focuses on the giver. When we are using our gifts to bless others, we’re doing more than giving something within ourselves –we are actually giving ourselves away.

The time, energy and discipline of the creative process defines who we are as artists. So when someone reads your poem, hears your song, or watches you perform, you aren’t just giving them something apart from you. You’re giving a part of yourself. And you will always be more valuable than the things you create.


Because God says you are valuable. If it’s more of a blessing to give than to receive, then the person that gives is more valuable than the thing that they give. As an artist, you are more than just gifted. You are a gift – not just your talent, but the wholeness of your being.

Remember as you offer your gifts to others, that it’s much more than being creative or talented.

It’s an act of generosity.

Share your thoughts: Have you ever felt devalued or used only for your talent? How did you respond? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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