The Art of Working with Artists w/ Leo Brooks

Bassist Leo Brooks has found a secret to being welcomed into a major artist's circle - and it's not that complicated.

In Episode 2 of the GGS, we talk to bassist, songwriter and producer Leo Brooks, who has recorded with Lauryn Hill, Rick Ross and is currently touring with Pitbull. His experiences with various artists at the top of the pop, hip-hop and R&B charts has taught him some important lessons that he shares in this exclusive interview. 


  • Allen and CriStyle talk about their chance to meet former bassist with Prince, Rhonda Smith.
  • Leo talks about growing up in a diverse musical culture.
  • Leo reveals one of his childhood musical memories in a surprising fashion. 
  • Leo, Allen and CriStyle discuss how different artists require different approaches. 
  • Leo talks about his new single, while CriStyle and Allen try their best to make it awkward.
  • Allen and CriStyle discuss their takeaways from Leo’s interview. 

Quotables from the interview

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