Learning from Tough Times with David Chiverton

This highly sought-after musician explains how personal tragedy helped forge his character

In Episode 3 of the GGS, we talk with drummer and creative producer David Chiverton about overcoming major personal losses, improving and developing as an artist, and stepping into new seasons of life. David has performed with top artists in gospel, jazz, hip-hop, pop and Latin genres, and continues to develop new projects such as his video series, The Chivertone Sessions. In this revealing interview, he shares his journey toward musical and personal success, even as he endured the toughest moments of his life. 


  • David talks about growing up in a blended family and how those influences impacted his life. 
  • Allen and David discuss the importance of humility when people recognize your talent.
  • David opens up about how he overcame a test of faith after losing several close family members.
  • Allen and David discuss how artists can find motivation and inspiration to aim for the next level.
  • David makes a big personal announcement for the first time on the air.
  • CriStyle and Allen discuss how David’s story can help those who are dealing with loss, including victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Quotables from the interview

  • If I knew half of the things I was going to have to go through to get to this place, I probably wouldn’t be here. – D. Chiverton
  • Even if I know I had a great show today, there’s a million things I have to go back home and work on. – D. Chiverton
  • It’s almost like [God] had to pull those things away from me to show me that I had to hold his hand directly. – D. Chiverton
  • I trust that even to this day, [God] has strategically orchestrated everything in my life. Why would he stop now? – D. Chiverton


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