Breaking Free from Performance Anxiety with Yvette Norwood-Tiger

How an independent jazz artist found healing and success through faith and determination

Jazz vocalist Yvette Norwood-Tiger found herself facing both emotional and physical battles in her journey as an artist, including stage fright, depression and a life-threatening illness.  In this episode, she shares with Allen how she overcame those struggles, and how her faith and determination propelled her to achieve big goals, such as a booking a European tour (including a show in Royal Albert Hall in London) without any label or management support. Her story provides encouragement for any artist facing performance anxiety, emotional distress, physical illness, or doubt in their ability to succeed as an independent artist.


  • Yvette shares her upbringing in Detroit and how her shyness affected her even as she considered how to express her love of music.
  • Allen and Yvette discuss how artists get overwhelmed when they focus on the opinions of their audiences.
  • Yvette shares how her life-threatening medical situation changed her approach to music and life.
  • We share tips for making it as an independent artist as Yvette explains how she booked her European tour entirely on her own, without any major name recognition or agency.
  • CriStyle and Allen reflect on Yvette’s story and ask the audience to share examples of trying something big despite fear and anxiety on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. 

Quotables from the interview

  • [God said] All the accolades you get, give them to me. And he said, all the criticism that you get, give that to me too. – Yvette Norwood-Tiger
  • I became not just a believer in that time in my faith. I became a knower. – Yvette Norwood-Tiger
  • There was something blocking me from accepting my healing. It was not loving myself enough to believe that I should be healed. – Yvette Norwood-Tiger

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  • Performed by Teja Veal, from “The Hopeless Romantic EP”


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