Making a Big Impact while Starting Small with Warren Brown

This musician and internet personality has harnessed the power of video and likeability

Can a musician from a small town make a big impact?  Warren Brown, multi-instrumentalist and internet personality, better known on Facebook as “Mr. Get’cha Peoples in the House”, knows the answer. With nothing except his family’s support, an engaging character and a willingness to take risks,  Warren has harnessed the power and reach of Facebook to create buzz and a growing brand in the gospel music industry, “The Yank Nation.” Warren hosts and performs in a live-streamed music show, drawing tens of thousands of viewers every week via social media. Warren exhibits a savvy approach to media marketing which seamlessly blends the line between ministry and entertainment. He spoke to us after a show in South Florida, in which he livestreamed his performance with musicians outside his church for the first time.

Major points shared during the interview:

  • Why Christian musicians can play in clubs and secular arenas without being condemned.
  • His father’s influence on his musical training and marketing strategies.
  • Growing up in a musical family with talented siblings, and how his father trained them with limited musical knowledge of his own.
  • The difference between ministry and creating an entertaining church-based show.
  • A recap of the Warren Brown Live in Miami event in September 2017 and how he approaches every live performance.
  • Changing a social media strategy from simply trying to gain attention from other musicians, and instead developing a recognizable brand.
  • How local musicians and Facebook trolls discouraged and almost convinced him to discontinue his show, and how he overcame his discouragement.
  • Confidence and how he still gets nervous until he goes into character.
  • Using Facebook responses to change attitudes and promote positivity

Quotables from the interview

  • “You are not going to get the anointing by hanging out with people with the anointing.” – W.Brown
  • “You’ve got the skill. Now put the mindset to it.” – Advice given by Warren Brown’s father

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