Chantae Cann: Empowered to Shine (Bonus Interview)

This unique artist discovered a new level of emotional freedom in the midst of creating new music

What empowers an artist to express his or her unique voice? In this bonus episode, recording artist Chantae Cann provides exclusive insights into how she embraced her creative freedom through her newest project – her 2nd studio album, Sol Empowered, available on October 13th, 2017.


A Chicago native, Chantae has traveled the world as a background vocalist with the likes of Leon Timbo, Darlene McCoy, P.J. Morton, Gramps Morgan, and Grammy Award winning artist India.Arie. Her collaborations with artists/bands include: Snarky Puppy, Tarriona Tank Ball (of Tank and the Bangas), Jarrod Lawson, Jonathan McReynolds, Tony Momrelle, Jaspects, The Foreign Exchange, Zo!, Mike Hicks, Sho Baraka and Khari Cabral Simmons. Her first solo album, Journey to Golden, was released in 2016 to rave reviews. Both that album and her new project Sol Empowered are eclectic collections of soul, rock, funk, jazz, and world music-flavored songs, linked together by Cann’s melodic and inspirational vocals.

Co-hosts CriStyle and Allen met up with Chantae in Atlanta while attending the 2017 Collective Music Conference, and recorded their conversation outdoors in the courtyard at their hotel. This relaxed atmosphere fostered an engaging dialogue about Chantae’s musical and spiritual foundations, how they were tested as she learned the ropes of the music industry, and how they ultimately helped her create a project that showcases her unique style and perspective on life.


Chantae’s musical influences and what draws her to certain artists

Why artists should not be limited to a single genre (including church music) and why individuality is so important

How serving in church music ministry helped prepare her for her solo career

How the different experiences of recording her first and second projects helped her to deal with internal anxiety and grow more confident

How working with charitable organizations helps her reach people on a deeper level and adds meaning to her work as an artist



“To me, music is the soundtrack to the universe and beyond” – C.Cann

“I feel free, and I feel like I want to help other people get free too.” – C.Cann







For more info on Huntington’s Disease, visit

Watch Chantae’s YouTube clip on her experience with HD here 



    • Have you ever struggled to express your unique artistic vision? What has helped you to overcome those obstacles?
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