Flaws and All: A perspective on musicians and grace

Worship musician and producer Greg Johnson offers hope to artists burdened by mistakes and failures


Greg Johnson (Naomi Paul Photography)

Greg Johnson is a keyboardist, musical director, producer and songwriter who is passionate about communicating God’s grace through word and music. He currently serves as musical director at Northview Christian Church in Dothan, Alabama under Dr. Hart Ramsey. He agreed to share his thoughts on musicians who are dealing with internal struggles.

“Broken can be beautiful when Grace sings the melody” – Gwen Smith

I remember when I found myself sitting in church wondering, “What am I doing?”

I felt as if the whole world knew areas of my life that could only be labeled as failure. I’m sure as a musician or an artist, there are some skeletons that you would not want anyone to excavate because they could lead to guilt and public shame. Let’s be honest; 95% of the time the title musician is associated with negative terms. However, musicians are not born with flaws, people are.

Here is the truth:
All have sinned.
All! (Rom 3:23)

Anyone who has been born of a woman has sin within them. Without sin, there would not be a need for Christ to come as God’s rescue plan for humanity. For years, the church has made us fearful of being honest about the flaws and failures that we have experienced; that is not Christianity.

The truth is your flaw does not negate God’s grace on your life. Your flaw does not change God’s mind about you. In fact, it is in our weakness that we are made strong and His strength becomes the source that we draw from every time that we serve (2 Cor 12:9). Your flaw is what qualifies you for His grace upon your life. God isn’t looking for anyone self-made as my pastor would say. That burden will exhaust you, because the image that you create, you must hide behind. And the image you hide behind will be the image that you will have to perpetuate.

It is Jesus who fully sees and fully knows a Samaritan (enemy of the Jews) woman at the well who, after encountering Jesus, goes into Samaria and testifies causing many to believe in Him.

It is Jesus who gives grace to the Prostitute caught in the act and, possibly as she stood naked in front of her accusers who classified her as the most immoral human being to walk the earth, He (the only one without sin) stoops and writes something that causes stones that were meant for execution under the law to fall one by one as her accusers to walked away.

It is Jesus who goes out of His way to break the Sabbath by healing a man who was paralyzed, not letting him wait another day for his healing.

It is Jesus who further violated the Sabbath when He told this same man to take up his bed which was considered work, a violation that caused one man to die for doing something as simple as gathering sticks.

It is Jesus who meets a man on his way to persecute the church, knocks him off his horse, and forms a lifelong love affair that changes his identity and life mission which was to testify about the grace of God. (Acts 20:24)

This same Jesus died for you. His death is greater than your flaw, and it is through our broken vessels that His light shines through. Wherever you are called to, whether it is in your local community or out of the country, know that you are not a failure but a redeemed and adopted child of God. Before being a musician, you are His. You may be wretched, but let your response be “thanks be to God through Jesus Christ”; in Him there is no condemnation. (Romans 7:24-25; 8:1)

Your identity is in Christ; not in your best days and certainly not in your worst.

Wherever you go, before you take the stage, reflect on Christ and His boundless one way love for you as you are – not some future, better, and cleaned up version of you. Rest in His accomplishment for you and make your boast in Him every chance you get. Jesus takes even the worst of sinners to demonstrate grace. Broken can be beautiful when Grace sings the melody. Playing and singing takes on a new meaning once this truth is understood. It will all be to the glory of God who gave you the gift and the redemption despite every failure that you or anyone else can name about yourself.

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