Four Essential Connections Every Artist Needs (1st of the 7 Service Steps)

Co-hosts Allen and CriStyle dig deep into the connections that keep us fulfilled and balanced

Have you ever felt disconnected as an artist? Whether you’ve felt distant from your faith, your family, or your artistic friends, a disconnected artist is a frustrated artist. In this episode of The God and Gigs Show, Allen and CriStyle take a break from interviewing other guests and discuss the first of the 7 Service Steps, outlined in the book that inspired this podcast – God and Gigs: Succeed as a Musician without Sacrificing your Faith.

The first Step, Stay Connected, is broken up into four parts in the opening chapters of the book:

  1. Church
  2. Spouse
  3. Children
  4. God

However, for purposes of keeping the conversation relevant to all of our listeners, we focus on slightly different categories:

  1. Church
  2. Family / Friends
  3. Spouse / Significant Others
  4. God

Major Highlights

  • Why church membership is a big decision that must fit our individual perspectives and needs
  • Why family relationships are a priority, even when they aren’t ideal
  • Why openness and authenticity are key to successful relationships
  • Why our actions say much more about our beliefs than what we say or create

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What connection do you consider most vital to your artistic career, and how does that connection help you? 

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