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The God and Gigs book will be available to the public on September 6, 2016. 

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Notes from the first day of writing God and Gigs.

Notes from the first day of writing God and Gigs.

Around 2009, after being a full-time minster of music in a local church for 4 years, I (Allen) re-entered the world of playing gigs. Having played in a R&B band briefly in college, I chose to refrain from working outside the church while in full-time ministry. However, once I began performing outside the church, I realized that many church musicians also perform gigs outside the church. This reality led me to wonder how the best Christian musicians handle the conflicts between church and secular environments.

In response, I started to write a book that would assist other Christian musicians that play both in church and secular music environments, using thoughts and ideas I learned in my career. I also contacted several world-renowned musicians who provided quotes, interviews, and ideas. Their stories inspired me to take this project to a higher level, which led to the creation of this blog to accompany the book’s production.


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Editing the manuscript in Starbucks. Coffee is needed when correcting grammar for 3 hours.

God and Gigs provides the faith-centered musician with concrete steps, Scriptural references, and pertinent advice from other successful Christian musicians, enabling the readers to be effective musicians and witnesses both within the church and in the wider music industry.

Special Features

  • Several highly sought after, current Christian music professionals provide quotes, interviews, and advice throughout the book.Artist List Promo
  • Scripture references throughout the book answer real-life career issues for musicians by applying biblical principles.
  • Easy to follow steps help musicians to quickly find answers to every day issues.

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