Our Book Partners

Special Thanks to our Kickstarter Supporters

The publishing of the God and Gigs book is due to the generous support of our Kickstarter partners. Together they raised over $7000 to make the project possible. We can’t thank them enough.

Rehearsal Level

ShaWanda Manuel-Braham
Chafon Rogers
Neri Street
Michelle Summersett

Soundcheck Level

Becki Thomas
CriStyle Renae
Brent Charles
Frank A. Jenkins, III
Ms Crystal
Sherri Johnson
Carla Schopp
Karen Giles-Moore
Lyncia Ramj
Yisel Duque
Sherman and Vida McCants
Ron Jacobson
Rosemary Emerson
Suzette Sotolongo
Marcus Beneby
Helen Sanderson White
Fredrick “Bam” Scott

Steady Gig Level 

Eric Stinnett
Harold Hankerson
Rochelle Lightfoot
Terrence Kelsey
George Tandy Jr
Lyneise Rachelle
Tracy Anomaly Sumpter
Ingrid B Bazin
Renee O’Connor
April Cokley Jung
Becky Fernandez
Ricardo Rodriguez
Solangel Arce
Stacy Lee Heckathorn-Richards
Jamil Wesley
Matthew Fox

Backline Level 

Ellen Vinson
Getty Goodwin
Valencia Davis
David Thompson
Ava Bethel
Angie Lopez
Eddie and Margie Hernandez
Cheryse Santos
Jen Maer
Alton & Desiree Hudson
Jason and Shakka Kent

Opening Act Level

Thierry Dejean
Isabel & Chandler Nelsen
Sandra Viteri
Faith HoSang
Arthur Gravatt
Rick Negron
JT & Deidre Young

Stage Manager Level 

Melony Isaac
Jonathan Roman
Priscilla Pena

Corporate Gig Level 

Macky Diaz
Melton Mustafa
Joel Cristela Espinosa
David Roman
Marcus A. Paul

The ‘MD’ Level

Lillie J. Edwards
Mory Martinez

Headliner Level

Charles W Phipps, Sr.
Steve Alessi

World Tour Level 

Reita Paul

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