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I wish there was a dramatic soundtrack playing as you opened this link, but there’s no drama here. I’m a pretty normal person. But since you’re interested, here’s a little info:

If you ask what I am, my response will be one word – forgiven.

If you ask who I am, I’ll tell you I’m a musician and writer, a husband for almost 20 years to my wife Lia, and a dad to three amazing young adults:  Chris, Marcus, and Naomi.

If you ask what I do, I’ll mention that I play the piano. A lot. I also teach, and now I write.

Now for the story:

For many years working as a church staff musician and as a performing artist and pianist, I struggled with the tug-of-war between my faith and my career. Finally I decided I wouldn’t choose – I would do both. I also learned that I wasn’t alone. Other artists were dealing with the same thing. So I started writing about our struggles. That desire to help others like me gave birth to this blog.

My heart’s desire is to help this special group of people to maximize their God-given abilities. I’ve been blessed to work with many amazing musicians, and my upcoming book will reveal how they navigate the world of popular music without sacrificing their faith.

You can find more info on my performances and recordings at

Thanks for reading. Let’s take this creative journey together and see where it leads.

Allen C. Paul

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