Real Artists Don’t Starve: Timeless Strategies for Thriving in the New Creative Age (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2017)

It’s the one question that people ask creatives and artists over and over again, and it’s the one that we loathe the most.

“What’s your real job?”

Even as our culture celebrates creative achievement in the form of blockbuster movies, chart-topping singers, music and dance reality-show competitions, and overnight Youtube sensations, most people still assume that every creative has to have a plan B.

Mike Clemons: My Life in Story (Amazon Digital Services, 2014)

The funny thing about history is that every time we make a choice, we change our own history. Upon looking back, things that seemed inconsequential turn out to be turning points. This is certainly true of the life of drummer, producer and entrepreneur Mike “Big Mike” Clemons.  With the help of co-writer Braxton Cosby, Clemons narrates his own history in his book Mike Clemons: My Life in Story, in a highly engaging style that helps us understand the motivations behind this highly successful musician’s career.

Becoming Unfamous: The Journey From How We Do It To How He Do It (2016)

Fame. The term itself contains the word ‘me’, and it’s no surprise that many entertainers and musicians become focused on themselves as they pursue the spotlight. But what happens when fame becomes a destructive enemy rather than a desired destiny? That’s the question that Montell Jordan attempts to answer in his latest book, “Becoming Unfamous: The Journey From How We Do It To How He Do It”.

The Savvy Musician (Helius Press, 2009)

If you’re a musician, there are several things you’ve probably learned. You’ve figured out how to play your instrument or to use your voice with skill. You’ve learned many, many songs and practiced for hundreds of hours. There’s one thing, however, that you probably have never spent time learning.

How to make money.

The ugly truth of being a musician is the difficulty of earning a living while doing what we love. While we are passionate about performing, most musicians also know the struggle to find consistent income.  Many artists live meagerly from gig check to gig check, hoping in vain that they will join the tiny percentage of artists that get the big record deal. Sadly, real financial and business strategies are rarely, if ever, taught or shared with these musicians.

That’s where David Cutler’s book, “The Savvy Musician”, steps in to teach musicians how to turn their careers into respectable and reputable businesses.

Unashamed (B&H Books, 2016)

BH-Unashamed_ShareSquares (1)Ask the average person to combine the terms “Hip-Hop” and “Christian”, and you will probably get some interesting responses. Some hip-hop fans might express disdain for so-called ‘holy hip-hop’ rappers who cover up the authenticity of hip-hop culture with a shiny Bible-quoting veneer. Others in the Christian community might respond with a bit of cautiousness, as if being OK with hip-hop music means agreeing with every stereotypical rap artist who brags about having multiple cars, mansions, and women.

Lecrae, multi-Grammy award winning hip-hop artist, is attempting to change both responses.